Element Venus
Gender Male
Age 17
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Weapons Swords, Rapiers, Axes
Hometown Vale

Isaac is a 17 year old adept from Vale, which lies at the bottom of Mt. Aleph. He is also the main character in Golden Sun. He is a Venus Adept, meaning he controls the very essence of Earth. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn he is the father of Matthew and, although 47 years old, still retains a fairly young appearance due to the Golden Sun Phenomenon which slows the ageing process.

[edit] Story

His adventure started out as he is awakened by the rumbling of Mount Aleph and leaves his house to get away from the falling boulder. He meets up with Garet, who is also a playable character in this game. He then finds stu,

her parents, and his mother trying to save Jenna's younger brother Felix from the river. After he goes to get help, he arrives back to the spot where Felix is trapped. But before he can help, the boulder falls and Felix disappears. He then goes back to the bottom of the mountain to get help, as does Garet, but encounters Saturos and Menardi. After a little dialogue, Isaac and Garet fight the sinister pair, but to no avail.
Isaac revealing his ability to control the earth.

Then 3 years later....

As Jenna walks to Isaac's house, she spots him on the room filling the holes in. Garet arrives, and also joins Isaac up on the roof. Jenna explains that they must see Kraden right away. So, after some more dialogue, they walk to Kraden's, where they meet the people that they met so many many years ago: Saturos and Menardi, yet, they have no idea who they are.

After the talk with Kraden, they venture up the peak of Mt. Aleph in search of the secret hidden in Sol Sanctum. Once they reach the top, they find themselves in a chamber where the four Elemental moon lie. As Isaac gathers them, Saturos, Menardi, and another man appear and force Isaac to hand over the stars. Afterwards, the Wise One appears to try to stop Mt Aleph from erupting long enough for Isaac and Garet to get out. He also tasks them with recovering the four elemental stars.

As Isaac and Garet wait in the sanctum, they village elder gives them a choice: Save the world, or allow it to perish. If you allow it to perish, the games ends. However, if you choose the other option, you set out, on the greatest adventure you will ever have!

It is heavily hunted throughout The Lost Age that Isaac is Jenna's love interest. An example of one of these indicents is referred to as the 'Madra Blush Scene', which takes place in the town of Madra. Where Sheba assumes that Jenna and Isaac are an 'item', after she expresses constant concern for him. Turning Jenna red.

Other incidents indicate Jenna as Isaac's love interest. An example is at Contigo, where Ivan states that Isaac expressed constant concern for Jenna throughout his adventure, despite his role as a silent protagonist in the first game.

Some fans indicate Mia as Isaac's love interest, which is often hinted in Golden Sun fan fiction.

[edit] Battle Inforamtion

Isaac's normal battle pose.

Isaac will be your main powerhouse through the first golden sun game. He's not only got decent speed but a strong force to boot. As the main character, he will get the most powerful weapon near the end of the game (both games, to be exact). Isaac has the ability to severely damage his opponents by using his regular attack which in the first game could amount to well over 300 damage and in the second game, well over 1000 damage! He also has access to some pretty strong psynergy like Clay Spire, Quake Sphere, and Great Gaia(second game only). He also has the ability to revive an ally to full health with a reviving psynergy and has a single target healing psynergy all his own.

Isaac, paired with the strongest weapon in the game and certain other equipments can even make him outspeed Ivan or Sheba! During the first game, you have no real choice to use him or not, but in the second game you have a choice of Venus adepts. Either him or Felix, though you might be more inclined to use Felix due to reasons of him being with you the entire 2nd game, as opposed to getting Isaac after the Jupiter Lighthouse.

All in all, Isaac is very useful in the first game and can still be very useful in the 2nd game even if you use Felix as your main attack force.

[edit] Cameo Appearence

Isaac also appear in Super Smash bros Brawl as an Assist Trophy, and would use the psynergy called Move to knock your opponent off screen.

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