Hydros Statue

Hydro's Statue
Attack Per Turn1

This a must-fight boss fight that takes place in Altin Peak.

[edit] Moves

Froth Sphere: A mercury based psynergy that damages the enemy/party with sphere of water.

Restore: This is a psynergy that removes the Sleep, Stun, Delusion, and Curse from itself/party member.

Tundra: A mercury base psynergy that freezes the opponent with ice.

Attack: A regular attack.

Water Blessing: (Called Water Breath in 2nd Game) A mercury base attack that engulfs the party members in a breath of water.

Drench: A mercury base psynergy that drowns the party/enemies in water.

Ice Horn: A mercury base psynergy that sends showers of ice shards down at the party/enemies.

[edit] Rewards

Beating the Hydros Statue gives 496 Experience Points and 2400 Coins and drops a Lucky Medal. If the player beats the Boss using a Mars Djinni, its rewards changes to 644 EXP and 3120 Coins.

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