Great Gabomba

The Gabomba statue as it appears in the town of Kibombo

The Gabomba Statue is located within the village of Kibombo, and is the main subject of praise for the culture that lives there. They believe that the statue holds the spirit of their town, a great spirit named Gabomba who is all powerful and all knowing. This spirit has been closely linked with the Wise One, sometimes speculated that the spirit could also be the Wise One. However, this is unknown and very little is known about the spirit.

The statue is like a clock. With different gears and mechanics that allows the statue to work. At the top, there is room which is supposed to open the statue mouth when the power of an adept flows through the statue. This is how the witch doctor ceremony works, initially.

[edit] Story

Within the story, the statue is placed as something important. Once you meet up with Piers in Kimbombo, you will see the outside of the statue. Once he agrees to come with you, you will enter the statue and be greeted with a series of gears and other mechanics that block your way up to the head of the statue. You must run across the gears on both sides, and use the Psynergy Pound to hit the spires that keep the gear going in one direction that runs the entire statue. Once you do this, you will be able to ascend to the top of the statue where you will see the witch doctor ceremony in place. However, time has taken its tole on the statue and you must fix the circuit so the witch doctor's Psynergy can flow through the statue.

After you've completed this task, you will descend into the statue again, to meet the spirit of the statue. He will offer you Psynergy, but you will not take it yet. Later, you can come back and get this Psynergy.

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