Golden Sun Music Tracks

These are the music tracks which are obtainable through the Battle Arena. Refer the list to go through 1-110.

If you wish to listen to these tracks, go to the following link and click on the names to open up your Media player, and you will be able to listen to them.


[edit] Music List

Having Fun

The First Book (Extended)

Page One

Suhalla Gate

Place Your Bets!


Kandorean Temple Entrance

Drums of Daila

Apojii Islands

Festival in Izumo

Izumo in Despair

Sorrow and Regret

Kandorean Temple Labyrinth

Scaling Mountains

The Nocturnal Ritual

Ruins of Lemuria

Little Madra

Freezing Kalt

A Full Moon in Garoh


Yepp’s Song 1

Yepp’s Song 2

Air’s Rock

Aqua Rock

Beneath the Surface

Cavernous Shadows

Gaia Rock

Inside the Great Gabomba

Jupiter Lighthouse

Magma Rock

Mars Lighthouse

Tundaria Tower

Taopo Swamp

Ankohl Ruins

Agatio and Karst

There Goes Briggs!

Enemy Appearance

Mystical Shaman Village


Trouble is Brewing…

The Second Book

Full Speed Ahead!

Traversing Weyard

Walking Forward With Determination

The Golden Sun Rises

Battle! [Linked]

Battle! [Colosso]

Battle! [Jenna]

Battle! [Felix]

Battle! [Non-Adept]

Battle! [Boss]

Battle! [Ship]

Battle! [Agatio and Karst]

Battle! [Dragons]

Battle! [Doom Dragon]


Fallen Heroes

A Little Friendship

Saturos and Menardi

Frozen in Prox

Sol Sanctum Erupts


The Sea of Time

The First Book

Moving Worlds

The Final Beacon

Welcome Home

Welcome Home…?

The Golden Sun Sets

An Adept’s Home

Happy Towns


The Royal Palace

Altin Peak’s Flood



Ready for a Challenge

Colosso Starts!


Sol Sanctum

Forest’s Requiem

The Elemental Stars

On That Night, 3 Years Ago

Mysterious Caves

Desert Heat

Winterly Imil

Crossbone Isle

Tunnel Ruins

In the Presence of a Lord

Set Sail! Through the Karagol Sea

The Angarian Journey

Venus Lighthouse

Battle! [Isaac]

Battle! [Saturos]

Battle! [Boss]

Battle! [Saturos and Menardi]

Battle! [Fusion Dragon]

A Door Opens

Djinn Get!


Item Get!

Cure Poison


Rested and Refreshed


It’s a Mystery

Level Up!


Lucky Winner!

Super Lucky Winner!

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