Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Golden Sun: The Lost Age
North American Boxart

DevelopersCamelot Software Planning
PlatformGameBoy Advanced (GBA)
Release DatesJP June 28, 2002

NA April 14, 2003

EU September 19, 2003
Genre(s)Console role-playing game
SeriesGolden Sun
ModesSingle-player, multiplayer


[edit] Profile

Golden Sun: The Lost Age is the 2nd installment in the Golden Sun series and the sequel to Golden Sun. This time, instead of following Isaac and his party, the player follows the party of Felix. Golden Sun: The Lost Age was released approximately one year after Golden Sun. In this game, Felix has to save the world from the falling prey to the overwhelming powers of Psynergy and those who want to use it for evil.

[edit] Story

After the events at Venus Lighthouse in the first game, Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Alex, and Kraden are washed up on a new land, with Alex going off on his own. All of them are trying to find a way to light the remaining lighthouses, which lay on the other side of Weyard. The group travels to many various places, but are not successful in accomplishing their task. Finally, they find Piers, a Mercury Adept who is jailed for speculation of being a thief from Champa. After he is released, the jewel he possesses which powers his ship is stolen, and he sets out to retrieve it from the Kimbodo. When Felix and the others meet up with him, Piers is plotting attacking the leader of Kimbodo himself, but then listens to the party and agrees to work with them to get it back. After obtaining the orb once more, the group returns to Madara where they meet Karst, a Mars Adept from Prox. Karst is also the sister of Menardi, who was defeated by Isaac and his friends in the first game. Karst threatens Felix, telling him that the lighthouses must be lit with much more speed. Eventually, the party meets Alex in Champa. He has teamed up with Karst and her partner Agatio, who wish revenge on Isaac for killing Menardi. After this encounter, Felix and the others then take off to Lemuria, which is Piers' homeland and ruled by King Hydros. Lunpa, who also lives in Lemuria gives the group an item called the Grindstone, which allows passage to the other side of Weyard. With the pathway to this other side open, Felix's group heads towards Jupiter Lighthouse to light the beacon. While there, the party encounters Isaac's party from the first game. After some arguing and explanation, both groups merge and become one party. The new party then heads off to light the last remaining lighthouse, Mars Lighthouse. While in the lighthouse, the group encounters two Fire Dragons. The party defeats both dragons who then revert back into Karst and Agatio, who were somehow transformed into the form they were in while trying to light the beacon. They give Felix the Mars Star, telling him to light the beacon. At the top of the lighthouse, however, the party is stopped by the Wise One, who tells them that Alex is climbing Mt. Aleph to obtain the power of the Golden Sun, which is extremely potent. The Wise One then has the party fight the Doom Dragon. After the Doom Dragon is defeated, it is revealed to be Felix and Jenna's parents and Isaac's father, who were fused by the Wise One. The Wise One then appears at the top of Mt. Aleph during the ending, telling Alex that he can never obtain the full power of the Golden Sun due some of its power being infused in Isaac. After Alex is defeated, he mountain sinks under the ground, with Alex presumably on it.

[edit] Battle System

During the battles of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, there will be many creatures that the party encounters and must battle. At maximum, four characters must be in battle, and each is an Adept of one of the four elements. After an enemy is encountered, the player decides whether he would like to fight the enemies or attempt to run. After Isaac's party merges with Felix's, the player may also decide to switch one of the active characters with a character that is not currently in the battle. If the party fights with the enemies, each character may either Attack, Defend, Cast Psynergy, Set a Djinn on Standby, Summon, or use an item. Depending on the Djinn that an Adept has equipped, what Psynergy they can cast varies.

The party battle system

[edit] Import System

Players of this game that also beat the first Golden Sun have an option of importing data by two methods. Doing would change the status of the of the returning characters from the first Golden Sun. The first of the two methods is to obtain a password from your file in the first game and inputting it into this game. Passwords have 3 levels: Bronze, which only imports which Djinn from the first game that were collected and the character levels, Silver, which imports Levels, Djinn, and the stats that the character had at the time of completion. Finally, there is Gold, which imports levels, possessed Djinn, stats, the items held by the character, and the coins that were in the party's possession at time of completion. Since passwords are built into the game and not affected by what the party actually has, it is possible to manipulate passwords to gain multiples of many items, such as the Sol Blade, which there is only supposed to be one of. The second method is to send the data directly. With two or more GBA systems, a player may link up the two systems and import data that way. Importing data this way will import everything from all the gold bonuses, to even smaller things the the color of the menu you were using in Golden Sun. No matter which method will be used, the player must press R+Left+B before pressing Start on the title screen of Golden Sun to enable the "Send" option.

[edit] Character Balance

Due to the mix at the near end of the game, the player has a total of eight adepts, two of each element. This allows many different groupings of characters, which means that there can be either have two of one type of Adept, or one of each. A team such as Felix, Garet, Mia, and Sheba is possible, but the player may have found is that a team of Felix/Isaac, Jenna, Ivan, and Piers might function more effectively for them. Felix is slower than Isaac by a little, but he is stronger. Jenna is faster than Mia, but while her biggest healing move is Cool Aura, as opposed to Mia's Pure Ply. Piers himself is not at strong as Garet, but has more speed faster. Diamond Berg has also been proven to be more useful against Bosses due to a very common lack of Mercury Resistance, while many bosses have Mars Resistance. While the player has complete control over who they use in their party and how, there are many guides that help accomplish this.

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