Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
(Ougon no Taiyou Shikkokunaru Yoake)
North American Boxart
DevelopersCamelot Software Planning
PlatformNintendo DS (NDS)
Release DatesJP October 28, 2010

NA November 29, 2010

EU December 10, 2010
Rating(s)CERO: RP


Genre(s)Role-playing game
SeriesGolden Sun


[edit] Profile

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is the long-awaited sequel to Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and is being created exclusively for the Nintendo DS. The game was first announced on June 2nd, 2009, during Nintendo's Keynote Speech at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo. It was complimented by a brief trailer showing off some impressive 3D rendering, some clips of the new heroes, new forms of Psynergy, and two new Summons.

[edit] Plot

"The heavens stormed. The lands quaked. The seas raged. Across the land, people prepared for the end of the world. The tale spread that this great calamity was caused by some unknown soul who had released a forbidden power upon the world." - Prologue, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Thirty years have passed since the date Isaac and his friends succeeded in bringing the world-healing power of the Golden Sun back to the world of Weyard. As time passed, the immense power of the Golden Sun transformed nearly everything: continents have shifted and thus given birth to new countries, along with new problems. Alchemy, though originally intended to be used to make the peoples' lives better became the bane of some. Wars over land and wealth soon broke out, sending much of Weyard into a state of disarray. What's more, people are now faced by a new more imminent threat - Psynergy Vortexes - which suck the elemental energy from both the land and Adepts alike, and are appearing all over the world.

One day, Matthew, a Venus Adept, and his friends, Tyrell and Karis, who are also adepts, are approached by two mysterious figures, Blados and Chalis. The two revealed themselves to be commanders from the military nation, Tuaparang, before beckoning for the assistance of the young adepts. Drawn into adventure by the mystery behind the appearance of the vortexes, this new generation of heroes sets out to rid Weyard of shadow once and for all!

[edit] Characters

[edit] Gameplay

The extensive use of alchemy and resources have led to balance changes in the elemental forces protecting Weyard. The result of the exposure to the Golden Sun's rays has also resulted in a change in the environment, as well as an increase in the occurrence of natural disasters. Tremors forcing the continental plates to shift further have resulted in the birth of new continents, and to go along with them new species.

Some of the time you'll travel across the world map screen. Here, random battles occur frequently, and you'll have a good view of the surrounding area. Towns and places of interest can be spotted easily as protruding structures on the map, and to enter them you need only run into their icon. Exploring individual areas involves much of the same practice, though monsters may not be present in all areas, making for easier travel. It's a good idea to explore everywhere, since there are plenty of treasures to be found and secrets to be discovered.

Often times you'll need to resort to using Psynergy to progress or solve puzzles. Thanks to the DS's touchscreen, the stylus can be used to select targets when using Psynergy, in some cases eliminating the need to be directly adjacent to the object you're trying to manipulate. Like in the previous games, the player may also create shortcuts by designating a Psynergy ability to each of the shoulder buttons, making it easier to access from the field screen.

Tyrell calling on a Djinn

[edit] Battle System

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn utilizes the same turn-based battle mechanics that were used in both its predecessors. The maximum number of characters that can appear in battle at once is four, however it has already been confirmed that there will be at least eight playable characters. Like in the two previous games, battles are random encounters that can occur on the field screen or in specified areas, such as caves and shrines. After encountering an enemy, the player is given the option to either fight or flee from battle. Choosing to fight brings up a new set of commands where the player must manually decide what action each character preforms: Attack, Defend, Use Psynergy, Set or Summon an equipped Djinn, or use an item.

[edit] Weapon Proficiency

Weapon Proficiency is a new feature that is being introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn that allows characters to gain expertise with specific weapons by using them more frequently. If a character uses a weapon in battle to deliver the final blow, they'll gain experience with that particular weapon and possibly master a new unleash.

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