Golden Sun

Golden Sun
North American Boxart

DevelopersCamelot Software Planning
PlatformGameBoy Advanced (GBA)
Release DatesJP August 1, 2001

NA November 11, 2001

EU February 22, 2002
Rating(s)CERO: A


PEGI: 7+
GenreConsole role-playing game
DesignerHiroshi Yamauchi


[edit] Profile

Golden Sun is a game created for the GameBoyAdavanced. Is was created by Camelot, and published by Nintendo. The game was released in 2001, about 7 years ago, and still is bought world wide. Golden Sun is a standard RPG (Role Playing Game) that is turn base and allows the player to select from multiple different options of items, weapons, armor, psynergy (magic) and has the standard feel of a normal RPG. What makes this game stand out so much is that it's a well known non-final fantasy rpg game that's battle system and graphics for the time were decent.

[edit] Weyard

Golden Sun takes place on Weyard, a large world comprised of eight continents that strongly resemble those of Earth's. They are: Angara, the starting continent where Vale is located, Gondowan which is connected to the south of Angara. To the East across the sea are Indra and Osenia along with the the Apojji Islands and the island of Izumo. At the very southern edge of Weyard is the cold antarctic wastes of Tundaria. West of Gondowan and Angara are Hesperia and Atteka. Finally, in the frozen wastelands of the North is the eroding, unnamed continent where Prox, the home of both games' villains, Saturos, Menardi, Karst, and Agatio, is located.

The world of Weyard is governed by 4 elements. Venus(Earth), Mars(Fire), Mercury(Water), and Jupiter(Wind). Each element has it's strengths and weaknesses. Each of these elements has a Djinn you can control.

[edit] Battle System

During the game play of Golden Sun, you will encounter many upon many of creatures. Some of which, you have to battle. There are 4 or more people you must use while fighting, and each has their own element. But, by mixing Djinn, each character can has a wide variety of psynergys. However, you cannot mix psynergy. There is no psynergy combination that allows you to use psynergy of multi-types. However, the different combination's allows the player to play with a whole bunch of different classes ranging from the Seer to the Ninja and even more! The battle system is a standard turn base screen where your characters line up to attack. You can target single enemies or multiple enemies if the option allows itself. The screen that firsts pops up willl give you your options of Attack, Defend, Item, Run, and opening attack will allow you to use commands such as Attack, Summon, Psynergy, Djinn, and much much more.

Battles in Golden Sun have many special effects. Here, a weapon specific attack is unleashed by the sword Gaia Blade.

[edit] Characters

During the game play you will come across four other people (Other than you) that will also be a big part in the game. Garet, who is a Mars Adept, will join your team first. Then, after a while, you will have Jenna join you for a short period of time. The 3rd person to join you will be Ivan, and Jupiter Adept. The last and final member that will join you is Mia, a Mercury Adept.

[edit] Plot

Spoiler Alert - Plot details ahead

As the game starts, Isaac is woken up by his mother and quickly escorted out of his house, after being told that a giant boulder is going to fall on his village, Vale. While heading down to the town square, Isaac is asked for help in rescuing Felix, who is currently drowning in a river. The moment help arrives, the boulder falls and Felix, his parents, and Isaac's dad are found missing. Once the player leaves the screen to the right, Isaac and Garet are attacked by Saturos and Menardi, and are quickly taken out. The plot then skips forward three years, and Isaac, Garet, and Jenna, Felix's sister, are about to sneak into Sol Sanctum to see what's there. Before heading off, the party first has Kraden to join them. After making their way to the center of Sol Sanctum, the Jenna and Kraden are kidnapped, Felix is revealed to be alive, and 3 of the Elemental Stars are taken. Isaac and Garet are then sent on a quest to save the world by preventing the beacons from being lit. After making it to the next town, Isaac and Garet encounter Ivan, a Jupiter Adept, and decide to help him recover the stolen Shaman's Rod. Once the party has defeated the thieves that stole the rod, Ivan leaves the party, going off to attempt to save his master Hammet. Isaac and Garet then attempt to head through a cave, although their path is blocked. Ivan comes to the rescue, using his Whirlwind Psynergy to free up a log to be moved, saying that he couldn't get into Lumpa, where his master was kidnapped, and decided to help the party in its quest. After getting out of the cave and exploring a little more, the party goes through Kolima Forst where a tree named Tret has been going berserk and turning humans into trees. The party's Psynergy protects them from being turned into trees, and they eventually defeat Tret's evil side, although it seems as though it was for naught, since Tret now has so little power he cannot cure the people. The party then travels to the Mercury Lighthouse and meets Mia, a Mercury Adept and the final member of the party. After joining up with Mia and getting to the top of the Lighthouse, the party then finds that the beacon has already been lit and must fight Saturos. Once victory has been achieved, the party discovers that Saturos wasn't at full power since the beacon was lit. Upon taking the elevator back down the lighthouse, the fountain outside is now spewing out the healing water, which the party then uses to cure Tret. The party then heads to Fuschin Temple, where they gain the Force Gem and the ability to cast Force, which is essential in getting through the nearby forest. Leaving the forest, Isaac and co. discover that the city Altin is flooded, with the cause being monsters known as Living Statues. Once the party unfloods Altin, they head to Lama Temple, where a woman named Hama teaches Ivan a Psynergy called Reveal which aids the party's endeavors greatly. Particularly so in crossing the Lamakan Desert. Taking a ship from the Kalay Docks, Isaac and co. head to Tolbi, and help a man named Babi find this draught in a nearby cave. After thanking the party, Babi reveals himself to be king of Tolbi, inviting Isaac to compete in Colosso. Once Colosso is finished, the party heads through the Suhalla Desert, learning that someone named Sheba is missing. The party then "enters" Venus Lighthouse, but find that the place they entered is actually the exit. After flipping a switch that will help them get into the Lighthouse from the entrance, the group then proceeds to head to Babi Lighthouse, a lighthouse that Babi was building. Since they learned the the entrance to Venus Lighthouse is below Babi Lighthouse, Isaac and co. decide to enter Babi Lighthouse, learning that Sheba was kidnapped by Felix and co. Once at the top of Venus Lighthouse, Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia face off against Saturos and Menardi, and are victorious. However, with their last strength, Saturos and Menardi light the beacon and transform into a dragon. Even though the dragon is defeated, the energy emerging from the beacon splits the lighthouse, leaving Sheba hanging from the edge. Sheba then runs out of strength to hold on, falling off, and Felix jumps after her. The player then regains control for a short while heading to a boat to go on a search to get Babi some more draught so he can survive. The game ends with what would be one of the first conversations in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and a To Be Continued...

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