Element Mars
Gender Male
Age 17
Weapons Long Swords, Maces, Axes, Light Blades
Hometown Vale

Garet, like Isaac, is from the small village of Vale located at the base of Mt. Aleph. Garet is Isaac's close friend and companion and was with Isaac during the storm in Vale where Isaac lost his father. Garet also confronted Saturos and Menardi when both attack Isaac shortly after the boulder falls.

During both games, Garet is often considered a comic relief character of sorts and is generally less intelligent than the other characters, supported by various comments throughout the game by other characters.

During Golden Sun, often Garet acts as Isaac's voice (since Isaac NEVER speaks once in Golden Sun) by saying, "What do you mean you don't know Vale!? That's your hometown!" and other such comments.

It is suggested that Jenna is one of Garet's love interests. Which is hinted throughout the first game, when Garet expresses constant concern for her.

Garet's fiery powers incinerates all in its path.

[edit] Abilities

In battle, Garet is a very stout character, boasting the highest defense and close to the highest HP in both games and a fairly high attack strength, though not as high as Isaac's. Unfortunately, Garet loses his steam in the speed department, as he is the slowest character in the game (along with Piers). As for psynergy, Garet's Mars psynergy is quite strong and is focused primarily on offense, however Garet can learn buff spells like Protect and Debilitate, which increase an ally's defense or lower an enemy's defense respectively.

All around, Garet is a great character whose primary weakness (his speed) can be cured easily with the Elven Shirt or Ninja Gear armors as well as a Running Shirt and Quick Boots.

As said, Garet is very similar to Piers in the sense of speed, however he does slightly outrank Piers in physical force. With the correct items attached he's able to outspeed even Jenna, Isaac, and Felix. This makes his speed very good, though it leaves his power lacking to exactly what it can be. Garet has access to not only single target psynergy, but also to multiple target psynergy, though it lacks in comparison to Jenna. Pyroclasm is his most powerful psynergy, though due to his strengths being in physical force and not having a lot of psynergy in the first place, the only heal one that you should ever use is the one at appears on the first part of his list. (this is assuming you only have Mars Djinn on him)

Garet can be a very deadly force is he is given the right equipment though overall, he's outclassed by Piers because of the speed and the possibility of maintaining the equipment and overpowering Garet. Garet, however can use the psynergy Guard which can up his or the parties defense which can be proven useful in boos fights where the boss does nothing but use physical based attacks and can really hold against most regular monsters with the combonation of Sheba's ability to use the psynergy Resist and power up the party along with Jenna's ability to lower the defense of the enemies. Garet in overall will probably be used rarely unless forced to.

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