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Fusion Dragon
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The final "boss" monster of the first game in the Golden Sun series. This powerful dragons is a fusion of Saturos and Menardi (The main antagonists of the story and powerful Mars Adepts), it is the most powerful monster in the first game and boasts some of the strongest statistics in the whole series. The battle takes place atop of the Venus Lighthouse after you have managed to defeat Saturos and Menardi in their normal forms. However, it is labled to be the 2nd most power boss in the game, right before Deadbeard.

Some of Fusion Dragons attacks.

[edit] Attacks

  • Attack: Strikes a single party member with a physical attack. Does not drain any of his PP.
  • Break: This attack removes all of the party buffing effects, and only costs 5 PP, as it is his only attack that actually uses Psynergy he can use it up to 100 times in battle.
  • Evil Blessing: An attack where the dragon breathes evil spirits upon your party, these do not do much damage but have a chance of haunting your adepts. Which occasionally damages them, but you should not waste a turn healing them of this.
  • Deadly Gas: Inflicts deadly poison upon your adepts whilst doing a bit of damage. This should be removed as soon as possible as it will inflict huge amounts of damage.
  • Drain Fang: Magical red fangs appear around the targeted Adept and does a fair bit of damage, this amount is then used to restore Fusion Dragon's own health.
  • Severe Blow: A powerful attack where the dragon lungs at an adept dealing large amounts of damage. This attack will never kill an adept, it can only take them to 1 HP.
  • Dragon Driver: The Fusion Dragon bathes your entire party in purple fire balls before breathing white fire all over them. This does huge amounts of damage and is especially dangerous.
  • Outer Space: The dragon leaps into the atmosphere before diving down and being engulfed in flame. It then crashes into your party doing monumental damage.

[edit] Stratagies

This is going to be a VERY hard fight. This Dragon is very powerful, and if not taken care of fast, will beat you down. Seeing as the element it has is Mars, use a lot of Mercury summons/djinn and constantly heal. Isaac should be attacking with Titan Blade, and Garet should also. Have Mia use summons/djinn and Ivan should be increasing Isaac and Garets attack. Have them use djinn during anytime you see fit, just DON'T DIE!

[edit] Rewards

You win the game by beating this guy!

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