Isaac casting Frost

Frost is a Mercury element Psynergy that requires 5 PP to cast. Frost is usable on the field, but is also usable in battle, although its usefulness may vary. However, using Frost in battle is not always the best choice, since there will almost always be other Psynergy available that would be a better choice. When using Frost in the field, it is only usable on a puddle of water, and will turn that puddle into a pillar of ice that can be jumped on and will melt if it comes near fire. Frost is used sparingly throughout the series, although it has one or two dungeons in each game that feature it as one of the main Psynergy required. Frost is obtainable in two ways: One, you equip the Frost Jewel on a character, or Two: The player gives an Adept a certain amount of Mercury Djinni. The amount of Djinn required varies depending on the character's level.

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