Element Venus
Gender Male
Age 18
Weapons Swords, Rapiers, Axes
Hometown Vale

Felix is very quiet and reserved character and also the older brother of Jenna. In the beginning of Golden Sun, Felix is first encountered during the storm in Vale. He fell into the river during the storm and is clinging to a rock while his parents and Isaac's father try desperately to rescue him. Just as Isaac, Garet, and Jenna return with the aid needed to rescue Felix, the boulder falls, leaving Felix's parents as well as Isaac's father and Felix himself presumed dead. Three years later, when Isaac, Garet, Jenna, and Kraden enter Sol Sanctum and discover the elemental stars, a mysterious masked warrior accompanies Saturos and Menardi in the kidnapping of Jenna and Kraden. In order to gain the trust of Isaac and Garet, Saturos orders the man to take off his mask. The man reluctantly agrees to do so in order to protect Jenna and Kraden. To the shock of all, the man is revealed to be none other than Felix, who was rescued from the river three years ago by Saturos and Menardi.

Throughout the rest of Golden Sun, Felix plays a small role until the final battle atop the Venus Lighthouse aerie where Felix confronts Saturos, intending to protect Sheba from the dastardly duo. After Isaac and his group defeat Saturos and Menardi, Venus lighthouse is rocked by a terrible earthquake that splits it into quarters. Sheba loses her balance and falls from the lighthouse. Felix desperately dives off the top of the lighthouse to save her, lending credence to the belief that Felix has a romantic interest in Sheba. Unfortunately, this relationship never develops in the second game, because Felix contracts Isaac's mute disease.

In the second game, the main character role switches from Isaac to Felix. Regretfully, in addition to transferring Isaac's main character status to Felix, Camelot also gave Felix the dreaded mute disease that plagued Isaac during the first game. So Felix says and does very little in the Lost Age.

[edit] Abilities

In battle, Felix plays exactly like Isaac and even has the same psynergy spells. Like Isaac, Felix has a very high attack stat; higher even than Isaac's, high defense, and psynergy capabilities that mirror Isaac's. The only difference between Felix and Isaac is that Felix has a much lower speed stat.

Felix's main purpose is to damage, damage, damage, damage. All his weapons, or at least most of them give him a high attack power. His strongest sword he can have, the Sol Blade has a attack power of 200, and can deal over 1000 damage when it's howl is released.

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