Item ClassLong Sword
Buy Value29200
Sell value21900
EffectMay inflict 3 times the normal damage.
Unleash rate35%

Excalibur unleashing Legend.

Excalibur is noted as being one of the 4 strongest weapons (unleash wise) in the game. With Legend, it can multiply the damage it would normally deal by 3 making the damage hit for 1000 or more if you're strength is high enough! The only way to obtain this blade is to bring an Orihalcon to Sushi in Yallam and have him create it, however there is only a 5% chance he will make it when you bring him the materials.

Alongside the Sol Blade, Tisiphone Edge, and the Masamune, the Excalibur is one of the strongest weapons in the game.

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