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Dullahan is the most powerful boss in the game, and out of both games, he is the most dangerous. The only way to get to him, though, is to get all the Djinni from both games, meaning you will have to transfer data over from Golden Sun to this game. This boss is one of, if not the most difficult boss in the game. Defeating him requires much strategy. Dullahan can be found at the end of Anemos Inner Sanctum, guarding the tablet that grants the summon Iris.


[edit] Attacks

Attack: This is a normal attack. It won't do as much damage as most of his attacks.

Bind: This will blind a single adept. It seals their Psynergy, but not their Djinn.

Haunt: This will Haunt an dept. They will take damage after an attack.

Curse: This will lay a Curse on a Adept. In 7 turns, that adept dies.

Condemn: This can cause a instant K.O on a adept. This move is less common than others.

Break: This will eliminate any stat changes on all adepts.

Formina Sage/Fulminous Edge: This will cause about 800-1000 points of damage on a single target, and usually KO's the target.

True Collide: Dullahan will create 4 purple energy orbs, and absorb HP out of the opponent to heal himself.

Djinn Storm: This forces all Djinn ready to be summoned to go to standby.

Element Swap: He uses this to signal he's about to summon Charon.

Charon: Charon will instantly down a party member and deal immense Venus damage to everyone else.

[edit] Stratagies

This is a tough boss, and there's few ways to beat him. One of the most prominent ways to kill him is to switch out to Isaac, Felix, Jenna, and Garet and set all their Djinn. Then repeatedly summon. And when he kills your first party, do the same thing with the 2nd party. It is recommended to be at least level 50 when fighting Dullahan.

[edit] Rewards

If you beat Dullahan you get 15600 EXP and 6775 coins.

[edit] Cultural References

"Dullahan" means the "Grim Reaper" in the Irish version.

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