Doom Dragon

Doom Dragon
Health13200 HP
ElementVenus(Earth) and Mars(Fire)
Attack Per Turn1st 4, 2nd, 3, 3rd 2

The Doom Dragon is the last boss in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. He features 3 battle rounds, each have their own difficulty.


[edit] First Round

Okay, this should be pretty easy. He attack about 4 times, and he always has one of them wasted for 'Doom Dragon can't move.' His psynergy is pretty weak, so no trouble here. He has about 5000 Hp right now.

[edit] Second Round

Okay, watch out. Here's where it gets tough. He will now start using more powerful psynergy. He will also bring in his signature attack, Cruel Ruin. This attack is element less and attack all the party. It does about 400-500 damage. he has 4200 HP.

[edit] Third Round

This is it. The final round. He will probably start out with Djinn Storm, which drains all your Djinni. So if you have any summons left, use them. He will only be able to attack 2 times, and each time it is likely he'll use Cruel Ruin. So watch out. He has 4000 HP.

The Doom Dragon's signature attack.

[edit] Psynergy

Earthquake - Attacks entire party.

Quake Sphere - Attacks entire party

Thorn - Attack 3 members of the part with thorns.

Flare Storm - Attack 3 members of the party with fire.

Fiery Blast - Attacks entire party with fire.

Cure - Healing ability.

Haunt - Puts the 'Haunt' status on one party members.

Curse - Puts the 'Countdown' status on one party member.

Spire - Attacks one party member.

Clay Spire - Attacks 2 party members.

Briar - Attacks 3 party members.

Inferno - Attack 3 party members.

Serpent Fume - Attack one party member.

Stone Spire - Attack 3 party members.

Nettle - Atacks entire party.

[edit] Skills

Gravel Blow - Attacks entire party. (Venus)

Blast Breath - Attacks 3 party members. (Mars)

Psy Boost - Heals Psynergy

Djinn Blast - Puts on Djinn on set for one party member.

Earth Force - Immobilizes one party member.

Desert Gasp - Attacks entire party. (Venus)

Cruel Ruin - Attack entire party for massive damage.

Guard Aura - Protects Doom Dragon from attacks for one turn.

Darksol Gasp - Attacks entire party. (Venus)

Djinn Storm - Puts all Djinn in the party on set.

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