The Elemental Djinn. Starting at the upper-left and going clockwise, the elements are; Venus (Earth), Mars (Fire), Jupiter (Wind) and Mercury (Water)
The Djinn (Singlular: Djinni) are elemental creatures of Psynergy that increase the powers of their Adepts. Their origins lay at Mt. Aleph and were spread all across Weyard after the mountain erupted.

There are, in total, 72 Djinn allocated across the four elements, 18 Djinn for Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Their names are often representations of their element, for example, Flint is a Venus (Earth) Djinni and Fever for Mars (Fire).

Some Djinn are easier to obtain than others, some offering themselves in wide, open areas, some in areas that need special Psynergy to get to their location and some need to be battled in order to be obtained, making it difficult for the player (Isaac or Matthew) to collect them all. Although some are easy to spot and are shown on the over world map, some are hidden and often need extensive adventuring in order to find them. Utilising the Djinn is often debating as to whether a player will succeed in their quest or ultimately fail, so are regarded as essential for most adepts, advanced or otherwise.

Prior to Golden Sun: Dark Dawn all of the Djinn looked identical to one another within their elements, however in Dark Dawn each Djinn was given a different and individualistic appearance, differentiating one Djinni easily from another.


[edit] States

[edit] Set

Official Artwork of a Djinn being set to an Adept
A Djinni can get 'set' to an Adept, and can provide a Statistic boost by a certain amount depending on which Djinni is added. Currently, all Djinn that are set to an adept increase their HP stat by a certain amount as well as increasing the stat of the Djinni's respective element on the Adept. The Class of the character can change depending on which Djinni they have set, as well as providing statistical variation, such as Psyenergy, that is dependant on how many of each element is set to the Adept. When set, a Djinni can unleash a special power. Despite many of them being of an attacking nature (With the power of the special ability dependant on the Adepts Attack stat) that often contain extra, additional side-effects. Most of these special powers can be useful in other areas, such as healing, increasing party statistics, or others that are unique to the Djinni.

After being used in battle, Djinni are sent into 'Standby Mode'. While in this mode they can be used to create Summons, and while outside of battle they can still be changed between Stand By and Set. Any amount of Djinni can be set to Stand By, but only one can be Set to an Adept. Djinn can be changed to Stand By and/or Set but will use up the players turn for that round. After spending enough time in a Recovery state, they are automatically Set back to their adept.

[edit] Standby

After Djinn have been used after being set, they are sent into Standby. While in standby they can be used to create Summons - some of the most powerful attacks in the game. In order for a Summon to be possible in battle, enough Djinn of each element needs to be in Standby mode. After a summon is executed, the Djinn used to cast it are sent into Recovery. Players can change a Djinn was Set to Standby during battle, but will use up the players turn for that round, and likewise, players can change those in Standby to Set.

[edit] Recovery

After being used in a Summon, Djinn are sent into Recovery. While Recovering, Djinn are totally incapable of being used in any capacity, including being moved from Set to Standby or vice versa. After spending enough time in Recovery Mode, Djinn are automatically reset to their Adept. During battle, A Djinn will set itself to it's Adept after each turn (although not in the same turn as when they entered recovery), and outside of battle they will automatically Set themselves after a certain distance is travelled.

[edit] Class Changes & Exclusive Psynergy

Main Article: Classes

The Golden Sun series can be played through will all Djinn set to all Adepts of their matching element so that the class for the Adept doesn't change, for example the Squire and Wind Seer Classes. There are, however, some parts in the games in which a change in Djinn is needed so that a class can obtain some of the Synergy of another, such as the Growth Psynergy in order to make vines grow and access higher platforms. In Golden Sun this is needed and in Golden Sun: The Lost Age this is even more detrimental as there is a mandatory level called Magma Rock that requires the use of Growth in order to traverse it. This is also required in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

[edit] Usefulness

As already mentioned, Djinn can perform special abilties that they alone can only perform. However it should be noted that certain Djinn can be made obsolete when another Djinni is obtained that can do the same, but only better than the alerady existing one. For an example the Venus Djinni Quartz has a 50% chance of reviving their Adept to 50% of their HP, however the Venus Djinni Dew has an 80% chance of reviving their Adept to 80% of their HP stat, however both are rendered olsolete when using the Djinni Tinder to which it has a 100% chance to reviving their Adept to 100% of it's HP stat.

Although Djinn can be made obsolete that doesn't disregard that they're abilities can come of use at some point during the games play. As well as offeing stat bonuses to their Adept, those in Stanby can aid the ability of Summons. In essence, by the use of these Summons all Djinn have, in effect, a useful quality about them. Where on one end it can be dealt as as a redundancy, but on the other it allows an Adept to be flexible when applying Djinn to standby status.

Not only that but Djinn can be used to buff or debuff status conditions and effects to ally or enemy alike, something that cannot be obtained through the use of other means such as Psynergy, Items, Equips, etc. It means that an Adept can cause a Boss (or other enemy) to become paralyzed and debuff their defense or attack stats while preparing for a Summon. This doesn't, however, apply for instant-death statuses such as Curse or instant-death for obvious reasons.

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