ElementMars/Fire and Venus/Earth
Casting Cost4 Mars Djinn 3 Venus Djinn

It takes 4 Mars Djinn and 3 Venus Djinn to summon Daedalus. It deals 100 Mars power and 7% of the target’s total HP. Then, in the next turn, Daedalus’ missile attacks with 250 Mars power and 15% of the target’s total HP. Unlike other summons, this one takes two turns to do it's complete damage. On the turn you use Deadalus many small missiles will rain down on your enemies causing damage. On the end of the next turn a giant missile will fall from the sky doing massive mars damage to your enemies. To be able to summon Deadalus, one must deafeat the optional boss Valukar, who is located in the Yampi cavern under the large sand-fall coming from Garroh.

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