Contigo as it appears in the overworld.

Contigo is a place well known for it's abundance of Jupiter adepts. Mainly because this place sits right next to the Jupiter Lighthouse and the Anemos Sanctum, so the fact that this would be an abundance of wind psynergy is pretty obvious. At first, you'll see almost little to no use for this place, though once you get all the Djinn possible in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age this place will hold the most powerful foe you will ever fight: Dullahan.

[edit] Story

You'll come across Contigo once you have gotten the psynergy Grind and have entered the West Sea. Contigo is slightly difficult to get to as you must make your way through a few channeled rivers to get to it. Once you do, you will enter the beach next to the continent. You will see a wing rested upon some sticks, but that will not take any effect on you until you light the Jupiter Lighthouse. Now you will travel to Contigo after walking a bit, and the entire town will be full of people. You will not really have to do much here until you beat the Jupiter Lighthouse, so press on.

Now, once you return, you have to return as Isaac will not let you leave. You will learn that Ivan was born here and his sister was also born there. Isaac and party will join your team after you make them realize that you're fighting to try to save the world, rather than what the Wise One said about destroying it. After this, unless you have all the Djinn possible, you will not really have anything more to do here.

[edit] All Djinn

Okay, it's time to tackle Anemos Sanctum! Make sure you have ever Djinn possible, and go there prepared for the hardest fight in the game!

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