Element Mars
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Weapons Claw Gauntlets
Hometown Tuaparang
Chalis (ハート Heart) is one of the primary antagonists of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Alongside Blados, she is a commander for an army of the Tuaparang. She is a Dark Adept from the Umbra Clan and uses razor sharp claws that extend from her gauntlet in order to attack. Although her elemental alignment isn't specified, her weakness to the Mercury element leads many to believe she's a Mars Adept.

Chalis can be described as a women with a bewitching beauty, and often uses her beauty as a weapon to get close to men of high power and hold influence over them, and by extension, their armies. Her ability to see through most things is ominous. For reasons currently unknown her country contacted Matthew and his group, using them for their own will.

Her Japanese name, Heart, refers to the playing card suit of the same name, much like the Japanese names of Blados and Arcanus. This is further supported by the donning of the heart on the chest plate of her clothing. Her English name equivalent refers to the Cups or Chalices of the Minor Arcana of tarot.

At the end of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, her status was left unknown after the battle with Matthew and his group as she was still able to converse with the others after being defeated.

[edit] Skills

Chalice is seen as more of a support fighter when fighting alongside Blados, using Illusion Perfume to cause delusions to her targets as well as tossing several vials toward foes, as well as using them on herself and Blados to heal them. Like Blados she also utilises Psy Grenades to drain her enemies Psynergy and can use Shadow Shield to raise defence. Whilst mainly a support battler she also uses her claws to slice foes with her Scornful Caress technique.

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