Element Mercury
Gender Male
Age Unkown
Weapons Ōdachi
Hometown Tuaparang
Blados (スペード Spade) is one of the main antagonists of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Alongside Chalis, he is a powerful commander of an army of the military nation Tuaparang. He is a Dark Adept from the Umbra Clan. His Elemental alignment isn't specifically verified but due to his Weakness to Fire Psynergy it leads many to believe he is a Mercury Adept. He appears before Matthew and gang at several intervals during the game and, for unknown reasons, he and his country make contact with Matthew for reasons unknown to 'control' them. Blados is renown for being a skilled swordsman and back in his home country is has atoned the nickname "The Blade".

His Japanese name, 'Spade', follows the trend of the card based names that Chalis and Arcanus have in the Japanese title. This name is further supported by the Spades Suit that he dons on his attire, notably around the next and on the caps of his knees. This English name holds the same meaning, however for the swords or blades in the Minor Arcana tarot card deck.

His status is unknown after the battle with Matthew and the group. However alongside Chalice he is still capable of talking after being defeated by the party.

[edit] Skills

Blados is an extremely skilled swordsman, being able to instantly or quickly kill his pray with his Punish technique. Alongside his sword, which he uses as his primary weapon, he also uses Fire Crackers and Spark Shurikens in order to attack, and in the case of the latter, paralyse his foes. He also uses Psy Grenades to slowly drain people of their Psynergy. He can also increase his own defence, as well as those of his allies, using Shadow Shield.

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