The battle system of Golden Sun is pretty much alike with other Turn Based fighting games. You can have up to 4 party members, and each member only can take 1 turn.

This shows just 1 out of the battles that can happen


[edit] Battle Commands

[edit] Regular Commands

[edit] Fight

Fight leads to the secondary commands.

[edit] Switch

This command allows you to switch out members. You can't do this until the 2nd game, once you have met Isaac and party.

[edit] Flee

Flee is an option that allows you to run away. You will not gain and coins or experience for this. You cannot flee from Bosses and the Battle Arena.

[edit] Status

This option allows you to look at the status of each party members.

[edit] Secondary Commands

[edit] Attack

Attack is basically doing normal attacks with weapons. These can lead sometimes to the weapon howling, and releasing a special attack.

[edit] Psynergy

This allows you to use special skills as adepts. It uses up PP, and comes in different elements depending on what Djinn are attached to a member.

[edit] Djinn

Djinn allows you to summon your Djinn to use.

[edit] Summon

Summon List

Cybele being used

Summon allows you to use Djinn who are in set so you can use them to summon powerful creatures. The summon that you want to use is depending on how many Djinn are in "set". Each summon can either heal you, or damage an opponet. Each has some special effect that they can use to either help you, or hurt the opponet.

[edit] Items

The Item command allows you to see the inventory of that Adept and select and item to use. Unusable items will be shown in yellow, usable items in white, and broken items in red.

[edit] Defend

This allows you to do absolutely nothing during that turn, but cuts the damage your Adept takes in half.

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