ElementVenus/Earth and Mercury/Water
Casting Cost3 Venus Djinn 4 Mercury Djinn

Azul, the water serpent, is the ultimate Mercury summon in the game. Acquired after defeating the optional boss Star Magician. You may summon Azul when there are 4 Mercury Djinn and 3 Venus Djinn on standby. When summoned, Azul resembles a very lengthy blue sea serpent that encases the opposing party in a large sphere of Mercury psynergy and then crashing into it from below into the top of the screen. It deals 330 Mercury power and 21% of the target’s total HP. May also stun each foe.

Azul is among Daedalus, Catastrophe, Charon, and Iris as “ultimate” Summon sequences in the Lost Age. And in the few boss fights that remain in The Lost Age after when Azul can first be acquired, Azul can be hugely effective, dealing massive damage to Valukar, Sentinel, the Flame Dragons, and the Doom Dragon itself.

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