Attack Per Turn2

Giant Lizard attacks! Good luck on this boss. He doesn't really sport much other than a cool attack called Star Mine, which is pretty much his signature attack. He's Mars based, so beat him into the ground with Mercury psynergy and Djinn. He's pretty easy to beat if you have trained to about 24-25. Make sure Jenna can heal the entire party with her psyngery, and this should be easy. Good luck!

[edit] Psynergy

Fiery Blast: This is a Mars based psynergy that will explode a bomb out from under the party. Pretty strong, though it's not really deadly unless you have low health.

Guard: Avimander will strengthen his defense by 25% with this psynergy, making it harder to hurt him with physical attacks.

Impair: Avimander will try to reduce your defense by 25% so he can deal more damage with physical attacks. However, this attack rarely works.

[edit] Skills

Fire Breath: The monster will engulf the party in flame spewed from the mouth. This attack is pretty weak overall.

Star Mine: This is Avimander's signature attack. He will send out multiple star dusts bombs and will explode on contact with the party. This can cause heavy amounts of damage to the entire party. It's Mars based.

Heat Stun: The monster will hit a single party member with a large red sting trying to cause a stun effect which will prevent them from doing anything for a few turns.

Attack: This is the monsters regular attack.

[edit] Rewards

Beating the Avimander will reward you with 2176 Experience Points and 1330 Coins, and the boss will drop a Potion. If you beat the Boss with a Mercury Djinni, its rewards will increase to 2828 EXP and 1729 Coins.

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