Aqua Hydra

Aqua Hydra
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Well, you just saw a whole bunch of different squids form into one giant creature. Well, I'll tell you; This guy is hard. He has the ability to damage each party member with the same force with one move. This not only makes him different than the rest of the bosses you fight, but it also makes him harder. However, if you can pull off summons quickly, up your resistances quickly and unleash stuff fast, you'll be able to beat him with almost no effort at all. Good luck, and don't end up fight bait!

[edit] Psynergy

Drench: This is a mercury based psynergy attack that is similar to Raging Flood. It damages all enemies with the same damage range to all of them, however is significantly weaker than Raging Flood is.

[edit] Skills

Raging Flood: This is the monsters most powerful skill. It's mercury based so Piers will be able to resist it slightly. However, this is a very powerful attack and makes this thing a force to be reckoned with. It will deal 100+ damage to all party members and has been known to use this attack twice in a row. So be careful!

Triple Chomp: This is a non-elemental attack that targets one party member. It's just like the regular physical attack, just more powerful. However, this attack's damage is multiplied by 2.4

Rising Venom: This is a mercury based skill that add 30 points from it's regular attack. It can only target one party member, and has the possibility of poisoning the target.

Slaver: This is basically like Debilitate psynergy, however it has a range of 3 rather than 5. It has the possibility of lowing the defense of the targets by 12.5%

Attack: The monsters standard attack.

[edit] Rewards

Beating the Aqua Hydra rewards you with 963 Experience Points and 1612 Coins, and the boss is going to drop a Vial. If the player beats the Boss a Mars Djinni, its rewards increase to 1251 EXP and 2095 Coins.

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