Element Mars
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Weapons Fists
Hometown Prox

Agatio is a Proxian that, like all other Proxians, is a Mars Adept. Agatio, along with Karst, took Saturos and Menardi's job of lighting the Elemental Lighthouses. However, they believed that the two were alive at the time. Agatio and Karst worked with Alex to pressure Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Piers, and Kraden into lighting the beacons faster, threatening that they would do it themselves. At Jupiter Lighthouse, Agatio was the one that attacked Isaac, which is strange since Karst wanted to take on Isaac since he was the one that she believed killed her sister, although it was actually all of the original party that worked together to do that. Agatio then confronts Felix and co. on the beacon of the Lighthouse, attacking them while lighting the beacon. After the battle is won or lost, Agatio, along with Karst, take the Mars Star that they stole from Felix to Mars Lighthouse in Prox, going to light it. The two are then turned into dragons by the Wise One, who makes them fight the party. After their defeat as dragons, the two revert and give the Mars Star to Felix, telling him to light the beacon. It is unknown whether or not Agatio survived or not.


[edit] As a Boss

Attack Per Turn1

Agatio is generally considered the harder than Karst as he can generally deal a lot more damage. Don't worry, though. He's fairly easy to beat.

[edit] Psynergy

Eruption: A Mars based psynergy that will deal damage to 1 target with the power of an erupting volcano.

Debilitate: A non-elemental psynergy that will lower the defense of multiple targets.

[edit] Skills

Rolling Flame: A Mars based skill that hits multiple targets will a fireball that appears from Agatio's hand.

Rising Dragon: A powerful Mars based attack that hits one target for heavy damage and can leave the target at 1HP. It depicts a large dragon fume appearing out of the ground and throwing the target into the air.

Meteor Blow: This powerful attack is basically the same as the summon Meteor. It hits the entire team for heavy damage and is easily the most powerful skill that Agatio has.

Cage: Will try to Stun a target, though it rarely hits.

Stun Muscle: The user will rush at a single target and attempt to stun the target while dealing massive damages.

Attack: The users regular attack.

[edit] Rewards

If you win the battle, then you are awarded 3000 EXP and 3740 from Agatio alone.

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